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Kaizen Global Investments Listed Investment Company

The Kaizen Global Listed Investment Company (NSX: KGI AO) offers investors the opportunity to purchase shares in an Australian company listed on an Australian stock exchange.  However, through their investment, shareholders of KGI invest in a diverse portfolio of global shares as well as shares in unlisted Australian companies.  


KGI's global portfolio of investments is managed by Kaizen Capital, which is a Sydney-based global fund manager (AFSL 341988) that has managed the Kaizen Capital Recapitalization Fund I for wholesale investors since 2010.


We aim to:


  1. achieve a high real rate of return for our shareholders via income and capital growth;

  2. preserve our capital; and,

  3. deliver our shareholders a growing stream of fully franked dividends.  


To enable us to meet our goals we:


  • invest in a diverse portfolio comprising 30-60 internationally listed equities

  • use a fundamental stock-picking approach

  • invest in companies with strong thematic tailwinds

  • allocate capital based on each individual investment's merits and not relative to an arbitrary index

  • invest in unlisted Australian companies and re-invest excess cash flows from those businesses into our listed equities

  • mitigate downside market risk by holding cash, short selling and/or using derivatives



To invest with Kaizen Global is to INVEST IN CHΔNGE. 


For more information, please contact Kaizen Global today.


Tel: (02) 790 30007



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